The Most Beautiful CSS Websites of 2012

The Best Of CSS Cutie 2012 - CSS Gallery
Announcing the best css websites of the year! CSS Cutie is happy to share with you the top 10 Best CSS Websites decided by our fellow readers/designers. In case you missed them, see which CSS Websites have been most loved by our readers. Here we go!

10. iCodeLabs


9. Jean-Maxime Brais

Jean-Maxime Brais

8. Intelligent dimension

Intelligent dimension

7. Allure Graphic Design

Allure Graphic Design

6. Hartford Design

Hartford Design

5. Koleo


4. Pius24


3. Agence Nomad

Agence Nomad

2. Pixel-Vixen


1. Bryan Connor

Bryan Connor Happy new year 2013 & Happy Inspiration!